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About the ESOS Register

ESOS Register is an Approved Register for Lead Assessors regulated by the Environment Agency. This register is operated by Quidos and is offering registration for Lead Assessors.

The energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS) is a brand new mandatory energy assessment and energy saving identification scheme for businesses in the UK. The ESOS energy savings opportunity scheme aims to save the UK at least £1.6bn in energy costs by the year 2030. The energy savings opportunity scheme will mandate energy audits for around 9,000 UK businesses.

To get an overview of this new scheme, please visit the ESOS Government website.

ESOS Register opportunities

Lead assessors will manage teams which could include non domestic energy assessors.

  • – An ESOS report will measure the energy consumption for buildings, transport or processes.
    – Only a registered lead assessor can sign off on an ESOS audit.
    – Over 10,000 UK companies will require an ESOS report before December 2015
    – A great opportunity for non-domestic assessors to take advantage of this new industry.

Training options

Take a look at our partner training store below for all of your energy assessor training options.

More info

Please take a look at the Government ESOS webpage for more helpful guidance and information.

Become a lead assessor

To be able to become a registered lead assessor with The ESOS Register, you will need to meet the following criteria:

1. Have at least 2 years of relevant experience in the industry
2. Be a DEC and/or NDGDA and/or Commercial L3/L4 energy assessor
3. Attend an approved ESOS lead assessor training course
4. Pass a time limited test
5. Submit your  application along with your documents by following the ‘apply now’ section

As display energy certificates are not applicable in Scotland, assessors based there would only be required to have commercial qualification to enroll on the ESOS training course and the register (as long as they have 2 years of relevant experience).

*Please note that this course will not give you a qualification. Working as a Lead Assessor will require assessors to meet the competencies set out in the PAS 51215:2014 document which can be purchased below.